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Imagine a world where every coffee cup you hold does not have to end up in a landfill, but is seen as a sustainably sourced raw material, a commodity that can be turned into a jacket to keep you warm, a t-shirt you wear to the gym, or a blanket on a cold winter night.

Our technology means we can utilize 100% of the material from each cup in the production of our sustainable textile. The outcome is white, fluffy but firm filament that is as warm as lamb wool. This process is unique in that it uses 99% less water, 80% less energy, and 100% fewer harsh chemicals than the current processes of cotton fibre manufacturing.



moonshot challenge
Moonshot Challenge Winners

I can not even being to describe what I’m feeling. To win, not only the People’s Choice Award, but to be one of the two overall Moonshoot Challenge winners is beyond my wildest dreams. I can’t thank everyone enough who pushed me to move outside my comfort zone and explore the world of entrepreneurship. I cannot wait to begin the incubator program and turn my team’s Moonshot into a reality! 🚀 Thank you to Dan Gazarek, the Brilliant Catalyst Team, Ontario Tech University, the mentors, the judges, and all who helped create this incredible opportunity!

- Mackenzie Collins

March, 2020



Masla Tahir


Mackenzie Collins


Sarah Butts

Co-Founder & Project Lead

Sinan Mohsin